Dyno Tuning Featuring A Mustang 4WD Chassis Dyno

For information call 619-328-4012 or email us at: speedforceracing@gmail.com

Speed Force Research And Development utilizes a Mustang Dyno 4WD load based chassis dyno.This dyno allows us to put a load on the vehicle and engine to simulate real world driving conditions. This is critical to realizing ultimate drivability and maximum performance.

We are authorized AEM, Electromotive, Haltech, Link and Motec tuners.We also can tune just about anything else on the market like: Autronic, Fast, Megasquirt, Split Second, Apex-i Super-AFC

Our rates are as follows

  • Horsepower check (3 runs) -$125
  • Dyno Rental per hour (you tune) -$155
  • Dyno Rental per hour (we tune) -$Call

We are very experienced tuners and have tuned just about anything you can imagine. From street cars, race cars, land speed cars to off road vehicles and Class 7 race trucks! For example this land speed record holder with 2.5L Subaru turbocharged engine was tuned by us and utilizes an Electromotive EMS. The Infiniti G35 twin turbo below was tuned by us with a Haltech Platinum series EMS. We understand that tuning is the key to a successful build and whether you have a high compression normally aspirated engine, supercharged, turbocharged or Nitrous engine, we can tune it correctly for you.