350Z 304SS 3″ Borla Y-Pipe Back Single Outlet Exhaust


SFR also offers an affordable 3″ single exhaust.This is a 3″ system that starts off at the Y-pipe and exits out the left side of the rear bumper.It is perfect for single turbo systems.Getting the air into the motor is easy.Getting it out is even easier with the Speed Force Racing exhaust system.We offer a Y-pipe back exhaust featuring twin Borla,Magnaflow or Burns mufflers.This exhaust starts off from the Y-pipe and runs to the back of the car in a single 3″ pipe.From there it splits into dual 2.5″ pipes and two mufflers, with 4″ stainless tips.All of our exhaust products are made with mandrel bent 304 stainless steel. We precisely cut our pipes then they are Tig welded on specially designed fixtures to provide an easy and trouble free installation.Then there is the sound. Amazing. It gives the VQ motor the sound that it deserves.



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