3.0L Closed Deck Bored and Stroked Engine


3.0L Closed Deck Bored and Stroked Engines are now available from Speed Force Racing.Now you can buy a professionally assembled, balanced and blueprinted, short block with Arias pistons and Pauter rods without going through all the hassles of doing it yourself. We have taken things to the next level and have closed decked these blocks and put dry sleeves in to replace the alusil liners.This allows us to use a conventional Arias piston. What this means to you is the strongest block ever made for the 944/968 series cars! There are many other options to choose from as well.So please give us a call to discuss your needs.

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These engines are treated to the "dry" sleeving process which involves leaving the majority of the original factory cylinder in the block and pressing a steel sleeve into it. Each block is bored on a CNC machine to allow the new sleeved to be pressed in. After the sleevging process, each motor is bored and honed with a torque plate to exacting specifications to provide the correct piston to cylinder wall clearance.Once the bore and hone is complete the engine internals are dynamically balanced.After the balancing is completed the comes the blue-printing of the motor.Blueprinting is the process of checking and verifying the bore, piston to cylinder wall clearance, clearances of the pistons rings, main and rod bearings, crankshaft end play,etc………. Each and every engine we build is bored and honed to exacting specifications to provide the correct piston to cylinder wall clearance.It is then dynamically balanced.We then blue-print the engine by file fitting piston rings to each cylinder, checking our main and rod bearing clearances with a bore gauge and micrometer (plastigauge is very inaccurate which is why we do not use it),check crankshaft end-play, etc……The motor is finally assembled and torqued down to factory specifications. Our core policy on short blocks is: We must recieve a good condition short-block. If there is any damage to the block/girdle,crank, rods, pistons or balance shafts your core charge will not be returned. We have the right to determine what would be considered "good condition".if you are unsure of what condition your motor is then we would suggest paying the core charge and allowing us to source the parts. We also have the ability to coat pistons and bearings with anti-friction and thermal coatings, cryogenically treat rods, pistons, blocks, etc……..Powder coating and polishing is another option that we offer for those that want to go beyond the norm. Please call us to discuss pricing. Note: The SFR short blocks are short blocks only. They do not come with head, cam, cam housing, oil pan, oil pick-up, waterpump, belts rollers, tensioners or oil cooler housings! Please specify which year engine you have so we can get you the right block(unless you supply us with a core). Failure to do so will leave you with a block that is not correct for your application and there is no returns!


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