350Z 304SS Equal Length Burns Collector Headers


These are the newest and best headers to be released for the 350Z to date!They utilize Burns stainless Merge Collectors and equal length runners.We can do the primary sizes in 1 5/8″ or 1 3/4″.The Bunrs collectors have been computer designed and dyno proven to broaden the powerband from idel to redline.The use the proper merge angle of 15 degrees which promotes better scavenging from the cylinder head as well as higher velocity out of the exhaust port.Although these headers are quite pricey,they are the best that money can buy.These headers utilize the factor O2 sensor locations.They are made out of 304SS and are TIG welded on special fixtures to ensure perfect fitment.We also utilize 1/2″ head flanges to reduce warping.

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