996tt/997tt Headers


Speed Force Racing is proud to offer our American made exhaust manifolds for the Porsche 996TT. Each and every header is made on specially designed fixtures to insure a perfect fit every time.The headers begin life with 1/2″ cylinder head flanges and turbine inlet flanges.From here we make a special 3 way merge collector which allows the turbos to spool-up even faster as well as adding more torque and horsepower throughout the usable rpm range.

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Once the collectors are built we flare the 1 5/8" OD tubing to meet up with the 1 7/8" ID oval ports on the cylinder head.From here each tube is slipped into the merge collector and TIG welded. Every flange on these exhaust manifolds is TIG welded from the inside and out! All of our stainless is backpurged when welding to prevent crystalization of the stainless steel which could lead to fatigue and possible failure. After the welding process is finished we hand finish the exhuast manifolds on the inside to maximize flow and performance. Every set of headers we build has a special Speed Force Racing logo welded to the collector so you can be sure that you are getting a high qaulity product and not some cheap knock-off. We can also offer these headers in a variety of runner diameters for people who are looking to make extreme amounts off horsepower.You can call or email us for any questions you might have.


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