Garrett Gen2 GTX3582R Turbocharger


Garrett GTX35R turbo-Speed Force Racing is now offering Garrett GTX series turbos for the 944 turbo.These turbos offer the quickest spool-up times of any turbo available.

These are dual ball-bearing turbos. They come with Garrett’s newest billet 11 blade compressor wheels.We also use Tial stainless steel vband inlet and outlet hotsides(available in .63,.82,1.03 AR).These turbos are capable of running in excess of 40 psi of boost while maintaining peak efficiency.

We have a true bolt-on system available for the 944 turbo which comes with billet engine mount,oil feed and return lines,downpipe,header,etc…..

This listing is for the turbocharger only.Please contact us for a package to allow you to bolt this turbo onto your 944turbo!


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These are real GT turbos and we modified them so they will bolt onto the stock engine mount. We modified these turbos to use a TO4E compressor housing so they can be a simple bolt-on.Please not these are not the typical GT series turbos that you can buy from other places,hence the slightly higher price tag.These turbos utilize a T3 hotside so they will NOT bolt up to the stock crossover pipe. However, we can supply a new SFR crossover pipe, SFR 3" downpipe with 3" v-band clamp and oil line.The GT30 is capable of supporting 500 horsepower at the wheels.The GT 30R is capable of supporting 550 horsepower at the wheels and the GT35R is capable of over 650 horsepower at the wheels!


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