Haltech Platinum 350Z PnP Engine Management


Speed Force Racing is proud to offer the Haltech Platinum series Plug and Play EMS for the 2003-06 Nissan 350z and Infiniti G35. This is the EMS system that you want to tune your G35 or 350Z with.With the ability to accept dual wide-bands and exceptional control of the engine, you cant go wrong. After extensive testing, the newly designed Platinum series EMS is ready for the Nissan 350z market. With features that no other EMS on the market offers, all your tuning needs will now be taken care


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Some Key Points for the 350z Platinum PnP Standalone Engine Management System: · End User Tunable (not locked like some EMS on the market) · Sequential Fuel and Ignition Control (32×32) · Complete Intake and Exhaust Cam Control ('03-'05 Intake Cam control only) (24×24) · Cylinder Trim Tables for each injector and ignition coil (8×8) · Configurable AXIS and Load points for all tuning tables · Tuning via MAF, TPS, or MAP · Fuel tuning by Volumetric Efficiency (VE) or Injection Time (MS) · Open/Closed Loop Boost Control, with wheel speed and wheel slip adjustments · Dual Channel Closed Loop 02 Control · Map Trace · Onboard Data Logging · USB Communication · New Windows Tuning Software, ‘Haltech ECU Manager’ · 32Bit Microprocessor, 55MHz · Plug and Play Loom · User defined rev limiter ('03-'04 only) · Auxiliary two-step rev limiter · Knock Detection · Overboost Protection · User Configurable Inputs and Outputs · Nitrous and Meth Injection Control In your 350z Haltech Platinum Series PnP EMS package you will receive the following: Haltech Platinum Series 350z EMS with onboard MAP sensor and onboard data logging Plug and Play Harness SB connection cable Software and User Manual on CD


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