Honda S2000 Turbo Kit


SFR now manufactures a complete line of high performance products for the Honda S2000. At Speed Force Racing we care about our customers and we care about what we sell them. Everything we build is absolutely flawless and the performance is second to none. We make our own parts the way we want too. When we manufacture a product at SFR, we have three guidelines that we stick by: price, quality and efficiency. If you can control these three things, then you will have the best performing products, that have the least amount of problems, at an affordable price.


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Although the Honda S2000 is a potent performer in normally aspirated trim, it seems fairly anemic compared to the SFR turbocharged monsters that are roaming the streets! Adding 7 psi of boost to this car transforms it into, one of the wickedest little sleepers that will leave most cars in the dust. There is an abundance of power from right off of idle till redline.The turbocharger and wastegate look right at home mounted next to the block. Although it is a tight fit, is is easy to install this turbo system. Everything is built on specially designed jigs to assure a top quality product. We take pride in our work and it shows the moment you pull it out of the box. Attention to detail is what sets SFR apart from everybody else. When you purchase any high performance product from SFR, you can be certain that it simple to install and there is no cutting or welding required. Always remember, that technical support is just a phone call away.The SFR turbo system for the Honda S2000 includes a Turbonetics 60-1 T3/T4 hybrid turbocharger, 304SS "Ultimate Flow" exhaust manifold, 38mm Tial wastegate, 304SS wastegate dump tube, 304SS 2.5" downpipe with stainless flex section, a huge 6.75" x 27" x 3.5" front mount Spearco intercooler, 2.5" to 3" (aluminum or stainless) intercooler piping, 3" intake pipe (aluminum or stainless) with K&N air filter, silicon hoses (your choice of red, blue or black) with stainless hose clamps, HKS Sequential blow-off valve, HKS Oil filter relocation system, XRP stainless oil feed and return lines, SX adjustable fuel-pressure regulator and a pre-programmed P1SC fuel management system. On top of this you get a 1 year no fault, no hassle warranty.


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