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SFR G35 Twin-Turbo “Tuner” System

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The 350Z and G35 is definitely a well rounded sports car.They have the looks that make people turn their heads.The handling of these cars is great and the power is adequate. However, we felt the the performance hungry enthusiast might find the performance a bit anemic.For most people, this is not enough so we developed the Speed Force Racing twin-turbo system.Now you can have a dyno proven 476 horsepower at the wheels out of your 350Z/G35 on a completely stock motor! Imagine 571 horsepower at the crank?This is enough wheel spinning power to leave pretty much anything in the dust.The amazing part is that it only requires 10.4 psi of boost to do it! At 9.4 psi you can expect 456 horsepower at the wheels. At 8.5 psi your car will spin the rollers to the tune of 439 horsepower.



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This power was generated with the entry level 60-1 hi-fi turbos.More power can be made with the GT356R's,T62 and the T67 billet turbos.The Speed Force Racing twin-turbocharger system does not require any internal engine mods.The only thing that is required is a competent mechanic and a tankful of 91 octane pump gas to unleash the beast.How can we make more power then the rest? It is easy.We focused on efficiency.This means we can make more power with less boost which ultimately leads to a longer life span of your motor. The Speed Force Racing twin turbo system for the G35/350Z includes the following parts: two T-3/T4 60-1 hi-fi turbos(GT30R,GT35R and T-67 turbos are an option),oil feed and return lines,304SS headers (Burns stainless merge collectors headers ar an option),two 38mm Tial or Turbonetics Evolution wastegates(Synapses are available as an upgrade),two 304SS downpipes,Spearco intercooler(the G35 gets two), Specially configured Wesstech scavenge pump,aluminum oil sump,hoses and fittings,aluminum intake and intercooler piping,silicone hoses,stainless steel hose clamps, Tial 50mm blow-off valve (Godzilla blow-off is an option),two K&N airfilters and all hardware and instructions needed for a professional install. A few of the unique features of the Speed Force Racing twin-turbcharger system includes, a blow through mass-air sensor set-up.The air metering is much more accurate this way.We incorporated the sensor into the intake pipe so there is less clutter and more style.Another benefit of doing it this way is that we can use a real blow-off valve that vents to atmosphere.For the G35 we included twin Spearco intercoolers.On the 350Z we elected to use one big front mount Spearco intercooler which fills in the front of your bumper.This way the system could be used with the stock front bumper cover on the Z and G.There are no modifications required to the aluminum support structure like other kits. You can see that we are concerned with optimal airflow.This increases efficiency.Increased efficiency means increased performance without more wear and tear. Another benefit of our turbocharger system is the headers.We use specially designed 304 stainless steel equal length exhaust manifolds.321SS is an option.We can also upgrade the headers to utilize Burns Stainless merge collectors for the broadest torque and power band possible.This improves the overall power and torque.We also mounted the turbos down low to alleviate problems associated with the heat generated by these two turbochargers.The other turbo systems on the market utilize log style manifolds and mount the turbochrgers high in the engine compartment which means that vital components are subjected to a tremendous amount of heat which will lead to premature failure.Why would anyone want to take a chance like this? We utilized two T-3/T4 60-1 hi-fi turbochargers that are good for 1000+ horsepower at the wheels.The twin Tial 38mm wastegates can be dumped to atmosphere or routed back into the downpipes.Big power and a flat torque curve is what you get when you purchase the Speed Force Racing twin-turbo system for the 350Z ad G35.We gained a peak of 252 horsepower at the wheels and the peak torque increased by 209 ft/lbs on a completely stock motor! This is over a 100% increase in power output.For the diehards that plan on building thier motors,swapping cams and going to return style fuel systems, this is the twin-turbo system for you.With the ability to make in excess of 1000WHP their is nothing on the market that can compare. Please be advised these parts are sold as off road use only! Check with your local and state authorities regarding installation on your pollution controlled vehicle!


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