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SFR Smart Air to Water Intercooler Upgrade


SFR has just released an air to water intercooler upgrade for the Speed Force Racing Smart turbo system.This system is good for an extra 10 WHP! This intercooler upgrade is far superior to the air to air system we released the kit with. We actually picked up about 10 extra horsepower by lowering the  charge air temps by as much as 120F over the air to air system! In our dyno testing we did numerous back to back runs and the highest air intake temps we seen were 102F.And this was on ten consecutive back to back runs! The SFR air to water intercooler system comes with the air to water intercooler,pump,radiator,hoses,clamps,brackets and fittings.This is a direct replacement for our air to air interooler so you will use your existing piping and hoses.

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