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The Smart Car 451 is a uniquely small and extremely power deprived vehicle that is typically thought of as a commuter car. Its small 1 Liter, 3 Cylinder engine is perfect for putting around town, to your job or even for long trips due to its compact size and very good gas mileage. However, we felt that this particular car could use a huge boost in performance. In fact, our first thought was that in certain situations, this car was dangerous due to its inability to accelerate, slow shifting and lackluster performance! Just trying to get going from a stoplight proved to be a real challenge. There is just no way you can avoid that crazy driver because this car cant even get out of its own way. We knew just what to do it increase the performance. Turbocharge it with a Garrett GT20 turbocharger! Our vast experience turbocharging all sorts of high-end cars allowed us to come up with the perfect, eco friendly turbocharger system. Our turbo system allowed us to utilize the factory catalytic convertor and still realize power increases of 90%! To keep emissions down and still get the performance is really an incredible feat. We know how difficult it is to make power and still have a clean running car. We also know how important this is to the planet and all man kind!

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Now you can experience a whopping 90% increase in power out of your Smart car! This literally turns this car from the slowest thing on the road to a car that will shove you into your seat when the pedal hits the metal. Performance has increased so drastically, it will astound you.We still cant believe how big of a transformation it was.As usual, the quality of our product speaks for itself.All of the hotside components of the turbo system is made out of 304 grade stainless steel. Every part is Tig welded on our special fixtures to ensure a perfect fit and finish. All of the cold side components are made out of 6061 aluminum and TIG welded. Our turbo system is mounted high in the engine compartment to allow us to use a conventional gravity drain for the oil system. Some of the other systems mount the turbo very low which will cause oil drain back problems, leave your air filter low enough to catch water and debris.This can also lead to premature turbo failures if a huge puddle of cold water is splashed onto an extremely hot(sometimes glowing) turbocharger! We also used a real muffler which gives the Smart Car an incredible sound instead of some cheap glass-pack that you can buy at Midas. Attention to detail is what sets Speed Force Racing apart from the rest! Our tuning is accomplished with a piggy back computer which controls fuel and ignition timing.The Smart Cars ECU which is made by Bosch is extremely sophisticated.This ECU's O2 sensor is constantly making adjustments to the air/fuel mixture to keep it as close to Stoichemetric (14.7 to 1) as possible. This is great for gas mileage but this is dangerous for boosted applications. Thanks to our proprietary engine management system,we found a safe and reliable way to tune the car while still retaining all functionality of the stock ecu. The nicest part of this turbo system is you can go back to stock very easily if you ever had to.Just remove everything and thats it. Bone stock again….but what fun is that? The Speed Force Racing Stage 1 Smart 451 turbo system runs at 5 psi of boost pressure.This delivers anywhere from 85-90 WHP.This is a big improvement from the high 50 horsepower a bone stock Smart will make.Each turbo system comes with everything you need for a complete installation.Typical installation time is about 6-8 hours.


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