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Stage 2 944 Supercharger system

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Stage 2
The stage 2 supercharger kit adds even more boost with the use of different pulley. Boost will now be set at 8 psi. The power now jumps up to 222 rear wheel horsepower.This is about a 90% improvement in power and you will not sacrifce drivability or reliability. The SFR supercharger system includes an ATI Procharger C2 supercharger, Billet aluminum mounting bracket, 6 psi pulley, new belt, 2.5″ charge piping, 993 twin-turbo blow off-valve, K&N air filter, an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, VDO boost gauge,Mass-air flow conversion utilizing the PSC1 laptop programmable fuel controller and all the necessary hardware, hoses and hose clamps along with detailed instructions. There is no need to tap oil lines as the supercharger is self contained.This supercharger system no longer requires the removal of the A/C compressor! Now you can have the power and be cool enjoying it!



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We also include a 951 intercooler (along with the appropriate plumbing) which will help combat intake temperatures from soaring to dangerous levels. On top of that, stock 944 turbo injectors will be part of the kit because of the tremendous power this system can generate.We also supply a different belt to complete the package This supercharger system requires the removal of the A/C compressor,


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