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The intercooler is one of the keys to making reliable horsepower. It cools the charge air (which creates a pressure drop) and helps to prevent detonation. Ideally, you want an intercooler that cools the charge air efficiently while maintianing a low pressure drop. This intercooler is the ideal intercooler for the 951! The stock 951 intercooler was designed 20 years ago. Alot has changed in 20 years. So have intercoolers! SFR makes the best intercooler upgrade for the 951. Our customers have reported to us that their charge air temps at the track are up to 50F cooler then our competitors stage 5 intercooler upgrade!

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Don't you want the best? Do you want an intercooler that has been dyno proven to deliver in excess of 531 WHP? Well if you do, then give us a call. We will be glad to answer all your questions.The SFR intercooler measures 24" x 8" x 3.5". The core has 63" more surface area then the stock core. It is also 80 cubic inches larger then the stock core. Not only is the intercooler bigger but it is much more efficient and can flow more air then stock. Our intercoolers are capable of flowing 750 cfm at a 1.5 psi pressure drop! Each unit is tig welded and the end tanks are made out of 5052 aluminum which is a much higher grade of aluminum then the stock core.The Spearco cores we are using were specifically built to our specifications and designed by Speed Force Racing to be front mounted (in front of an a/c condensor and radiator), without causing problems with overheating like conventional cores would! Another benefit is that you can use the huge SFR front mount oil cooler in place of the stock intercooler. We also have a variety of hard pipes and BOV's available that can be used in addition to the front mount intercooler. No cutting or welding is required to install our intercooler! It does not require the removal of the front bumper cover and can typically be installed in less then 2 hours. This intercooler package comes with two 2.5"charge pipes(aluminum or stainless), mounting brackets and hardware, silicone hoses and stainless hoseclamps to make this a true bolt-on upgrade!


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