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Stage 2 Single Turbo System



If 315 WHP is not enough for you then step up to the SFR stage 2 single turbo system for the Nissan Maxima.This system bumps up the power level to 395WHP! This is about 450horsepower as measured at the flywheel.
Needless to say,this tranforms your four door Maxima into the biggest sleeper to ever to hit the road.Boost pressure is increased from 5 to 8 psi of boost . Even at this moderate boost level,you can expect years of trouble free operation out of your completely stock engine.


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And this is just the beginning! We offer a variety of upgrades to allow your Maxima to make upto 450WHP on a stock motor.If that is still not enough for you we have built engine packages, fuel system upgrades and transmission upgrades that will allow you to make in excess of 600WHP! Call us for details. We designed the exhaust plumbing to bolt right up to the stock exhaust manifolds! This saves alot of hassle and time and makes it easy to return back to stock if neccessary.On top of that we made it easy to get turbocharged now and then offer upgrades so you can keep slowly build up your turbo system to the power levels you want. We also incorporated another unique element to this turbo system and that is converting the MAF sensor into a blow-through unit.By converting to a blow-through system it allowed us to use a conventional blow-off valve and vent it to atmosphere as well as being much safer for the engine.Yes, safer! By converting the MAF to be a blow-though unit we eliminate the potential of sucking in unmetered air and running lean, which leads to detonation and possible catastrophic engine failure. We also utilized a Spearco intercooler to keep the charge air temps to near ambient levels and to help maximize power and increase safety even further. The stage 2 turbo system upgrades you from the PSC1 fuel controller to the FTC fuel and timing controller which comes pre-tuned by us and adds a manual boost controller which allows you to adjust the boost pressure from 5-8 psi of boost. The Speed Force Racing stage 2 single turbo system comes with a 60-1 hi-fi turbocharger, oil feed and drain lines,Synapse 40mm wastegate,Synapse blow-off valve, 304SS exhaust plumbing,heat insultation material,Spearco intercoler,aluminum intercooler piping with silicone hoses and stainless clamps,440cc injector upgrade along with a FTC fuel/timing controller which comes pre-programmed from SFR, battery relocation kit and all necessary hardware and gaskets needed for a professional installation. Please be advised these parts are sold as off road use only! Check with your local and state authorities regarding installation on your pollution controlled vehicle!


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