VQ35 Stage 1 Cylinder Heads


The cylinders heads are responsible for getting air into your cylinders. To make big power you needs lots of airflow without compromising velocity.Our cylinder heads will outflow the stock heads by as much as 40% while maintaining enough velocity at both high and low rpms to provide substantial torque and power increases. Our cylinder heads are expertly ported and machined to perfection.There are places out their that get a bit agressive when it comes to porting which can lead to loss of power or worse case scenario, destruction of your heads! We offer four stages of cylinder heads from mild to wild.Stage 1 heads feature extensive port work on the intake and exhaust. We utilize stock valves and springs which are inspected and tested to meet factory specifications. The heads get surfaced to insure straightness. New guides and seals are installed and the valves and seats get a 3 angle grind and our lapped before final assembly.



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