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2.8L Alusil Stroker Engine


2.8L Alusil Stoker Engine-We now offer a professionally assembled, balanced and bluprinted, 2.8L stoker engine for the 944 turbo.These engines come with factory pistons, 3.0L 968 crank and Pauter rods utilizing. The 2.8L stokers use the factory alsuil block for stock like reliability.

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Each core block is thoroughly inspected and checked before it is precision machined to the proper bore. A treatment is then done to recoat the cylinder walls with Alusil to bring the block back to a factory finish.There are only a few places in the country that can do it properly.If this prcess is not done properly,the a failure will occur! Once the block is treated,the engine internals are dynamically balanced. After the balancing is completed the comes the blue-printing of the motor. Blueprinting is done to ensure the correct bore, piston to cylinder wall clearance, clearances of the pistons rings, main and rod bearings, crankshaft end play,etc………. Part of the blueprinting process involves file fitting the piston rings to each cylinder to provide the correct rings gaps which allows you to make more power with less leakdown.After this we check our main and rod bearing clearances with a bore gauge and micrometer (plastigauge is very inaccurate which is why we do not use it) to get the appropriate clearances which will ultimately lead to prolonged engine life.The motor is finally assembled and torqued down to factory specifications.


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