G35 Coolant/Power Steering Resivoir


This is the SFR designed Coolant/Power Steering resivoir  which relocates your power steering and coolant resivoir to the center of the engine bay on your G35 and 350Z.We can also include an oil catch can if requested for a small additonal charge.

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The Speed Force Racing Intake Manifold for the 350Z and G35 is built entirely out of 5052 and 6061 aluminum.Each runner utilizes a velocity stack to maximize airflow and broaden your powerband.Each plenum is formed out of a flat sheet os .125 wall aluminum for superior strength.These intake manifolds are capable of withstanding 50+ psi of boost!Every SFR intake manifold comes with provisions for the stock components. We can weld bungs and fittings for direct vacuum connections,MAT sensors,etc…… for FI vehicles.These intake manifolds are set up to run twin throttle bodies and twin blow-off valves.You can also use this plenum on high revving N/A applications Please call us to find out more about this.


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