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Mishimoto Radiator


Mishimoto is the name to turn to for your Import’s high performance radiator needs. Mishimoto Racing Radiators offer up to 25% more cooling capacity than factory radiators by using thicker cores with multi-row designs and aluminum end tanks. The aluminum end tanks help transfer heat better than the stock plastic end tanks most modern cars use. Full aluminum construction also means that the end tanks are TIG welded to the aluminum radiator core, which is much more durable than the metal crimps and sealant used to seal stock radiators. This also means the Mishimoto Radiator can hold up to the higher pressures that exist under high performance driving. Every radiator is also covered by Mishimoto’s Lifetime Warranty.

Included is a high pressure 1.3 Bar (18.9 PSI) radiator cap (on most applications) to further enhance the cooling capabilities of this radiator. In addition, you’ll receive a free magnetic drain plug that allows you to periodically check for any abnormal wear or contamination in the cooling system.


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