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Intake Manifold with 70mm Thottlebody

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See a video of this intake manifold making 530WHP!

This intake manifold for the 944 turbo is set-up for a Porsche 928GT 70 mm throttlebody.The 70 mm throttelbody was chosen to allow people to flow enough air to support 500WHP+ applications.We also designed this intake manifold to fit with the largest turbos available so there is no grinding necessary.All of our manifolds utilize velocity stacks and are TIG welded.All of our plenums are made from an entire sheet of .120 wall aluminum and formed in a special press.

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Powder Coating-$300


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Our design flows more air then the factory manifold as well as having each runner flow within 1% of each other.The SFR intake manifold will not starve certain runners like some of the other intake manifolds on the market. Velocity stacks are incorporated into the design which increases port velocity and air flow speed. The SFR intake manifold utilizes a big plenum with shorter runners.Having a large plenum to draw air from promotes top-end horsepower.However, we maintained the proper runner length so you dont lose your bottom-end torque. The SFR intake manifold is hand crafted in the USA out of 5052 and 6061 aluminum.All of our flanges are CNC'd for accuracy. Each intake is TIG welded with 4043 filler rod. Each intake manifold is assembled to our exacting standards so you can be assured of perfect fitment, quality and finish.Some of the other benefits you get with the SFR intake manifold are: Retains the use of all stock components (oil separator, KLR, etc….), it can be used with the stock throttlebody or 70mm throttlebody(please secify when ordering)and comes with all factory fittings for direct bolt-on installation. Our intake manifold will flow as much air as any big valve head will allow. Along with these benefits, you also have the benefit of increasing top-end horsepower. What this means to you is a more usable powerband.The SFR intake manifold can be used with aftermarket strut braces and your stock or aftermarket intercooler pipes can be retained.


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