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This is hands down, the best oil catch can ever designed for the 944 and 951! We designed this oil catch can to actually catch the oil vapors. We engineered this unit to use the vacuum created on the inlet of the turbo to help pull the cranckcase oil and vapors out of the motor and into the can.The Speed Force Racing oil catch can uses stock mounting points so it is a direct bolt-on.It comes with everything you need to bolt this unit onto your vehicle including the catch can,silicones hoses and stainless hose clamps.

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The other catch cans on the market just allow the oil and vapor to blow out through an airfilter when you go under boost creating a huge mess under the hood. If you look at the inside of the SFR catch can, you will see that we incorporate a baffling system along with stainless mesh screen to actually catch the oil vaopr and not let it back into the intake of the turbo.You will also notice there is no airfilter on this can. We catch much more oil by using the vacuum on the intake of the turbo just like the stock system does.


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