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MAF System Stage 3 Blow through



944 turbo Blow Through MAF system
The SFR 944 turbo Blow through MAF system is finally here! We incorporated the MAF sensor right into the intercooler pipe that leads to the throttlebody.By doing this there are alot of advantages.

The first advantage is you are metering air right before it enters the throttlebody. Another advantage is increasing intercooler efficiency! You blow off before your charge air has to be cooled by the intercooler which means, the intercooler doesn’t have to work as hard and doesn’t get  heat soaked as easily.

The biggest advantage to this set-up is the fact that you will never have to deal with unmetered air issues like you do with a traditional draw through MAF system! As long as your hose is connected to the throttlebody and intercooler pipe, you will always be safe and secure and will never run into a lean issue and potential head gasket failure or even engine failure.

We have employed the use of the Split Second PSC1 digital MAF convertor and calibrator.This unit  replaces the traditional air flow meter with a hot wire style MAF sensor.The software that comes with it is easy to use and has 512 mapping points so you can really dial this system in from idle to redline.

We have lots of calibrations for different setups including stock injectors, 55lb/hr injectors and 72lb/hr injectors.So you can get up and running easily and quickly!

Last but not least is our custom 3.5″ to 3″(or 2.75″) intake tube that feeds the turbo.There are no restrictions anymore! Just fure airflow into your turbo which means more power and torque!


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The idle quality, drivability and response of a blow-through MAF is excellent and can even suprass a factory car. Since the MAF is now right before the throttlebody,it allowed us to run a blow-off valve and vent it to atmosphere.Since we removed all restrictions on the intake side of the turbo we decided to offer a 3.5" to 2.75"(or 3") pipe with a K&N air filter leading into the turbo intake. The result was achieving the maximum performance possible! This system allows the use of the many aftermarket blow-off valves that vents directly to atmosphere. Another benefit is the chances of injesting unmetered air and possibly detonating, like you can with a conventional draw through MAF set-up is eliminated. The best part about this particular system is that it can be set-up to "upgrade" the MAF system you already have! The SFR blow through MAF systems include a 3.5" to 2.75"(or 3") aluminum or stainless intake pipe with K&N airfilter, 2.5" aluminum intercooler pipes with MAF sensor and sensor harness,P1SC laptop programmable fuel controller and software, Synapse blow-off valve, silicone hoses(red, blue or black) and stainless hose clamps


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