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SFR 2JZ-GTE Single Turbo Hot Parts Kit

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Imagine what it would feel like if your Supra had 1500+ horsepower? Actually there is no need to imagine anymore because this is a reality! The Speed Force Racing twin-turbo system for the Toyota Supra is the best engineered turbo system in existence. Our extensive knowledge in turbocharger systems allows us to produce the highest quality and best performing parts on the market.

This hot parts kit utilizes our schedule 40 304SS (321SS in an option) fully TIG welded and back purged manifolds with a single or twin scroll design, set up to run single Tial MVR 44mm waste gate or twin Tial MVS 38mm  waste gates(wastegates not included) and 304SS(available in titanium) dump tubes. It comes with 3″, 3.5″ or 4″  304SS(available in titanium) down pipe.



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Another key element to designing a good turbo header is the collector. A well designed collector can make big power by merging the primary runners at the correct angles for maximum velocity.We use two slip-fit merge collectors in our headers. Most companies just cut and weld all the pipes together and attach them to the flange. They do not use the correct angles for maximum velocity and performance.They just want to get the job done and make it as cheap as possible! Most manufacturers are not concerned with squeezing every last horsepower out of a turbo system.This is why they don't sell 1500+ horsepower turbocharger systems. SFR is not like other companies though. We will go the extra step to provide the best parts possible. Everything from the use of superior materials to computer aided exhaust designing. Only the best will do to make 1000 horsepower.This is the header that you need to make huge amounts of horsepower. It can be set-up with a T-4 or T-6 flange. These headers can be set-up to use the Turbonetics New-Gen or HKS 50 or 60mm wastegate. Please specify when ordering.


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