SFR Ultra-Flow Intake Manifold


Another vital component to making 1000 horsepower at the wheels is the intake manifold. The right turbos can produce more then enough air to support 1000 horsepower but you need to get it into the engine. With the SFR Bullet intake manifold this becomes very easy. We have done extensive flow bench testing of these intake manifolds. All runners flow within 1% of each other as verified by a Superflow 600 flow bench.At Speed Force Racing we know that you need plenum volume and lots of it. Our intake manifold has a plenum volume that is unmatched by any other companies intake manifold design. We also know that plenum volume is not the only thing it takes to make a superior intake manifold.The shape of the plenum plays an important part in the flow characteristics of each runner. Needless to say we have designed the plenum to not only look exceptional but to function in a way that provides almost perfect flow distribution between all six runners. You also need to keep the charge air velocity up. We accomplish this by using velocity stacks which arerecognized by the performance industry as the best design for maximum velocity and airflow. Now throw in a billet 90mm single blade throttle body and you have an intake manifold that can support 1000+ horsepower at the wheels. The SFR intake manifold is of the highest quality.

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This SFR intake manifold has shorter runners which will help make top-end horsepower. This style intake manifold makes it easy to install a direct port nitrous set-up or even a second set of injectors.This is the perfect choice for race applications. The entire intake manifold is assembled out of 6061 aluminum and TIG welded with 4043 rod. We form the plenums out of one piece so it is ultra strong.Other companies weld mutliple pieces together which can lead to failure under high boost situations.We also incorporate velocity stacks for the ultimate airflow and velocity.We weld in the correct injectors bosses to run Bosch style injectors.No press fit injectors bosses on these intake manifolds! We also hand finish the intake manifold on the inside as well as the outside. Each intake manifold is pressure tested to 50 psi to assure a leak-free and high quality product. We positioned the throttle cable to be hidden when viewed from the top. We also made sure that this intake manifold fits with no clearance issues.You can keep your power steering resivoir and pump in their stock locations.All SFR intake manifolds are polished to a brilliant shine.We also offer the intake manifolds with your choice of throttlebody diameter. You can choose from 75mm to 105mm!


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