SFR 2JZ-GTE Twin Turbo System


Imagine 1000+ horsepower at the wheels? Imagine that in your Supra? Actually there is no need to imagine anymore because this is a reality! The Speed Force Racing turbo systems for the Toyota Supra are the best engineered turbo system in existence.Our extensive knowledge in turbocharger systems allows us to produce the highest quality and best performing parts on the market.We are offering a complete line of performance products that will allow you to turn your Supra into the 1000+ horsepower at the wheels supercar you have always dreamed of.Which way do you want it? Single or twin? Are you ready for a Y2k turbo or would you prefer twin GT35R’s?We have everything you need to complete the job from start to finish.We carry a full line of turbos, wastegates, boost controllers, engine management systems, pistons, cams, etc.We also make our own headers and exhaust systems, intake manifolds, intercoolers and piping, fuel cells and rails, roll cages and suspension components. SFR has it all!The heart of any great turbo system is the turbochargers.We have a variety of turbochargers to fit your particular needs.If you want a nice street set-up which makes lots of boost without alot of lag then you might want to consider out GT30R turbos.If 1000+ horsepower at the wheels is what you are looking for then try a set of out T61s.Either way you cant go wrong! Please call us at 619-328-4012 to discuss your needs!

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